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Mt. Auburn’s Mission Support Guiding Principles

The Mission of Mt. Auburn is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Mt. Auburn believes that it is the work of every Christian to engage in Christian discipleship. We believe this best occurs within the context of the local church. Likewise, we believe that it is the work of every member of Mt. Auburn to reach out to our local community and lovingly engage non-believers within our various spheres of influence. Evangelism occurs when we each share the gospel, share our faith, exercise compassion, and embrace the lost with Christ-like character in everyday life.

Missions, as a ministry of Mt Auburn, desires to reflect and nurture the evangelist heart of Mt Auburn by staying true to Mt Auburn’s Mission to make disciples, and Jesus’ call to “go to all nations” with our disciple making efforts. Thus, we want to see the gospel carried not simply to the local community, but to the global community.

Therefore, the goal of Mt. Auburn’s 2nd Mile Missions is to partner with existing ministries, both locally and globally, that emphasize making and growing disciples for Jesus Christ. This means that we will emphasize sending out ministries that are focused on church planting, equipping faith communities, and then prayerfully sustaining those believers.

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