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An Introduction

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A Journey through the Book of Acts
This Lenten season, in our daily devotional, we will be studying the book of Acts.  Forty congregation members have contributed to this Lenten Devotional praying for you and writing words of encouragement.  It is our hope that throughout Lent you will take time to daily read God’s Word and discover His message to you.

Chapter by chapter, Acts is full of action and adventure.  There are signs and wonders, shipwrecks and jailbreaks, dramatic conversions and powerful sermons.  Each part of Acts traces the expansion of the early church into new geographical areas and ends with verses praising God for the successes.  Inside the action adventures, you will find real flesh and blood disciples of Christ whose lives have been transformed by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.  

As you read, put yourself in the place of the disciples: Identify with them as they travel sharing the Gospel and see thousands converted to Christianity. Sense their commitment as they give their all to Christ.  See them boldly witnessing their faith despite suffering and uncertainty and going where the Spirit leads.

The idea behind the Lenten devotions this year is to read about the lives of the apostles in the early church and to make the connection between us and them. We are not so different from them. We, too, live in a world that needs to hear the gospel, with people whose lives can be transformed by hearing the Good News.  Let these words encourage you, embolden you, and compel you.  Before you begin, pray. Ask God to guide you in what you read and how you should respond.
God bless you …

Myrna Lorenz,
Director of Adult Ministries