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God is Perfect
By Jill Arbuckle
March 24, 2011

Deuteronomy 32:4
4 He is the Rock, his work is perfect,
   and all his ways are just.
A faithful God, without deceit,
   just and upright is he.

Devotion: God’s Faultless Perfection
How many times have we heard “It’s not my fault so I am not responsible”? I have used similar language at times, as we all have. I have said, “why am I responsible for making this better, I didn’t mess it up”. We have heard it from our kids: “I didn’t make this mess, she did. Why do I have to clean it up?”

As I was reading passages for this devotional, my approach was to also find a clear-cut definition for Perfect. Many were similar but one word stood out to me in the variety of definitions: faultless, or without fault. So I thought to myself, what would we do or what would our lives be like (would we have a life?) if God had taken the same attitude as we often do? What if God said, “It is not my fault that these people are sinners. It is not my fault they make the mistakes they do. Why should I do anything for them, I have nothing to do with their choices. They don’t listen”.

As believers, we know our God never held this attitude. Not only did he continue to love us but he gave His only son for us. Jesus shed blood for our faults and God’s love for us is perfect. It is written in Deuteronomy 32:4: “The Rock, his work is perfect and all his ways are just. A faithful God, without deceit, just and upright is he.” A Rock he certainly is. When circumstances in our unsteady world cause us to be shaken or distraught, God is our unchanging stability. His perfection is a precious gift.

It’s humbling to think about how many times I may have not felt obligated to address something that was “not my fault”. God is perfect but He still loves us and Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for our faults. We are not perfect, but we are called as believers to love and approach life from God’s clear instruction and example. Sure we forgive our children for their mistakes, and we pick them up, forgive them, and love them. Let us however be even more greatly humbled and remember all that our faultless God has done for us. Let this understanding guide our approach with others on a day-to-day basis. When we love others and lift them up, regardless of their faults, they feel our love, but most importantly God is revealed to them through our kindness.

Heavenly Father, you are our Perfect God. Thank you for loving us even though we have many blemishes. Lord guide our thoughts and actions so that we may approach each day with true humility and love. Help us to overlook the faults of others and lift people up with the love that you show each of us.  In Christ name I pray, Amen.

Other scripture references: Hab 1:13; Isa 55:8-9; 1 Pet 2:22

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