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You are Holy, You are Worthy
By Will Roleson
Tuesday, April 12

Leviticus 20:26 (NIV)
“You are to be holy to me because I, the LORD, am holy, and I have set you apart from the nations to be my own.”

God calls us to be holy because He is holy.

But what exactly does holy mean?  Among the references listed in the dictionary/concordance of the Life Application Study Bible (NIV) are the following:  worthy of worship or veneration, sacred, divine, living according to a highly moral spiritual system.

What does that mean to us as Christians living in central Indiana in 2011?  In the Bible, God calls us over and over to be holy … Holy in what we do, how we think, and in how we pray. So how do we implement this?  One most important way for us to do this is through worship.  One of our favorite songs to sing during worship service is Michael W. Smith’s You Are Holy.  The words remind us that God is holy and worthy of all our adoration: “You are holy, You are mighty, You are worthy, Worthy of praise”.

The best part of striving to be holy is that, through us, God’s holiness can show through to humanity.  Holy, revered, saintly – wouldn’t you want God to say that about your life?  And, especially at the end, have him say “Job well done.”

Dear God,  You are truly holy and worthy of our praise.  Help us strive to be holy in all that we do and say. Prepare our hearts as we travel through this season of Lent.  Keep us safe, keep us healthy, and keep us holy.  Amen.

Other scripture references   
Exodus 33:18-24 and 34: 29-35; Isaiah 6:1-5; Isaiah 43:15; Peter 1:15-16; Rev 4:8-11

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