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God is Judge
By Elizabeth Stapleton  
Tuesday, April 19

Psalm 94: 2-15
2 Rise up, Judge of the earth;
   pay back to the proud what they deserve.
3 How long, LORD, will the wicked,
   how long will the wicked be jubilant?
 4 They pour out arrogant words;
   all the evildoers are full of boasting.
5 They crush your people, LORD;
   they oppress your inheritance.
6 They slay the widow and the foreigner;
   they murder the fatherless.
7 They say, “The LORD does not see;
   the God of Jacob takes no notice.”
 8 Take notice, you senseless ones among the people;
   you fools, when will you become wise?
9 Does he who fashioned the ear not hear?
   Does he who formed the eye not see?
10 Does he who disciplines nations not punish?
   Does he who teaches mankind lack knowledge?
11 The LORD knows all human plans;
   he knows that they are futile.
 12 Blessed is the one you discipline, LORD,
   the one you teach from your law;
13 you grant them relief from days of trouble,
   till a pit is dug for the wicked.
14 For the LORD will not reject his people;
   he will never forsake his inheritance.
15 Judgment will again be founded on righteousness,
   and all the upright in heart will follow it.

One of the first nice spring days I decided to take my car to get my tires rotated, and then decided to walk back to the office. Along my walk I was so excited to see God’s miracle of the earth coming back to life; the green returning, flowers poking up, and people becoming a little more cheerful! As I rounded the corner on the final stretch to my office, I noticed a billboard outside the office that said, “You don’t need God – to hope, to care, to love, to live”. It made my heart cry out in sadness! How can people not understand that there is no true love and compassion without Him?

“How long will the wicked be jubilant?”  Look around today. How is a message like that on a billboard acceptable? How is it that the world does not turn their ears and eyes away from the immoral music, TV, choices, etc? Revelation 12: 12 says, “He (Satan) is filled with fury, because he knows his time is short”. Satan is doing everything possible to pull people away from God.

Scripture says that it is not our position to judge, but for God to judge in the end. So what is it that we can do to show that God IS hope, care, love, and life? Beat Satan at his own trick! Every time we do something in the name of God it makes him furious! Is there any better way to praise the Lord God!?

During this time of Lent as Christians, we need to reach out to others to help show them how caring and loving God really is! Let’s step outside our comfort zone and reach out to those who might be in need. Instead of you, or me judging them, or dropping to a judgmental level like Satan wants, let God judge you on the way you reached out to others in his name. Show people what his love feels like and how it feels to have their sins washed away by the sacrifice of Jesus. The Lord sent his only son to die for our sins, and with this he has shown us his true hope, care, love, and life.

God, thank you so much for loving us even when we make mistakes. Lord, help us not judge others but try to show them your unfailing love. We ask that you help the Holy Spirit work through us to bring people close to you. In the name of our loving Lord, amen.

Other scripture references  Ps 9:7-10; Jn 5:22-27; Acts 17:30-31; Rev 20:11-15; 2 Pet 3:9

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