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An Introduction to the Daily Devotions

Getting to Know God Better
Did you ever wonder why David was called “a man after God’s own heart”? (1 Samuel 13:14) We know he didn’t always do the right thing. We know his heart wasn’t always in the right place; he stumbled and strayed just like we do sometimes. Reading 1 and 11 Samuel will certainly clear up any misconceptions you might have about David. But yet–why was he considered so highly by God?  I think it was for three reasons: 

  1. David loved the Word of God and he just reveled in it. He considered every word from God to be life giving. He expresses in Psalm 19 that God’s word is perfect and trustworthy, giving joy to the heart and light to the eyes. These are words of a man who didn’t just read the Word of God but searched it and devoured it to discover more and more about God.  We can see this love of God’s Word in the prayers and praises that he wrote in response. His prayers and praises started with knowing God and marveling in his attributes.

  2. David loved to pray.  He loved to talk to God. He poured out his heart to him. He begged for forgiveness (Psalm 51), he asked for guidance, (Psalms 32 & 141), he counted on God for strength (Psalm 143), and in prayer he surrendered his life and his future to God (Psalm 116). He knew these were acceptable prayers to God because he knew God and his attributes.  When he prayed, he knew Who he was talking to.  Knowing God affected David’s prayer life and gave richness to the time spent in prayer. 

  3. David loved to praise God.  From his time in scripture and his time in prayer came expressive words of adoration and honor.  Reading through the Psalms (103, 145, 146, and 147 just to get started…) you can’t help but feel your heart open up and be right there with David as he praises the Lord.  Just in Psalm 103 alone, he praises God for being compassionate, loving, forgiving, redeeming, just, patient, knowing, healing, satisfying, righteous, ruling, omnipresent, and omniscient. Can we say that we understand God like that?  (You might like to spend some time today reading Psalm 103, underlining the attributes of God you see.)

During this season of Lent, you will be able to read a devotion everyday focusing on an attribute of God.  We will start with scripture verses that will help us understand this attribute of God better and then we will read our fellow congregation member’s words of praise and response to God. 

It is our hope that by getting to know God better, this Lenten season, your prayer life will be enriched and you will be able to praise God specifically and be in awe of his many attributes. Then, we too, will become people after God’s own heart.

May God bless the time you spend together.

Myrna Lorenz
Director of Adult Ministries

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