Daily Question: Testing and Forgiveness

Day 4 – Testing and Forgiveness  Thur. – Aug. 15 – The Story pages 36.5 – 40.1 What would the great reveal be like for the 10 older brothers? Where does Joseph’s maturity come from?

Daily Question: What goes around comes around

Day 3 – What goes around comes around  Wed. – Aug 14 – The Story pages 34.5 – 36.5 What problem does Joseph make for his brothers? Why? What have the brothers learned since selling their brother into slavery?

Daily Question: From Slavery to Prison to Prime Minister

Day 2 – From Slavery to Prison to Prime Minister Tues. – Aug. 13 – The Story pages 31.1 – 34.5 What do we learn about God from the years of trials that Joseph faces? How does Joseph handle temptation and adversity?

Daily Question: Sold into Slavery

Day 1 – Sold into Slavery  Mon. – Aug. 12 – The Story pages 29 – 31.1 Why were Joseph’s brothers angry with Joseph? How do the brothers feel after they carried out their plan?  

Daily Question: The Twelve Sons of Israel (Jacob)

Day 6 – The Twelve Sons of Israel (Jacob)  Sat. – Aug. 10 – The Story pages 25.5 – 27 What is the significance here for the names given for both Jacob and God? What messes up family relationships in this story?

Daily Question: Reconciliation

Day 5 – Reconciliation  Fri. – Aug. 9 – The Story pages 24.2 – 25.5 Have you ever dreaded meeting with someone? Why? What did you learn about reconciliation in this story?

Daily Question: Wrestling with God

Day 4 – Wrestling with God  Thur. – Aug 8 – The Story pages 21 – 24.2 How would you describe Jacob? How would you describe your own wrestling with God? Around what issues? How did you change that?