Daily Question: Hannah asks of the Lord

Day 1 – Hannah asks of the Lord  Mon. – Sept. 30 – The Story pages 129 – 131.8 How does Hannah address God? Shes is the first to use this title. What does it suggest about her relationship to God? Why is it important to tell others about answered prayers and give thanks?

Daily Question: Praise Be to the Lord

Day 6 – Praise Be to the Lord  Sat. – Sept. 28 – The Story page 127 In what ways do you see Boaz serving as an O.T. picture of the coming redeemer Jesus Christ? Review the ways in which God, Ruth, and Boaz show loving kindness to hurting people?

Daily Question: Guardian Redeemer

Day 5 – Guardian Redeemer  Fri. – Sept. 27 – The Story pages 125.3 – 127.1 What did Ruth ask Boaz to do? Under whose wings did Boaz say Ruth had come to take refuge? (Bottom of 123)

Answered Questions – The Story Readings

Question – What is a Guardian-Redeemer? Or Kinsman Redeemer? Answer – in the book of Ruth, the Guardian-Redeemer or Kinsman-Redeemer is a male relative who can redeem/ purchase the land which is the inheritance that was loss through difficult times, or loss of all male heirs. The Guardian is a relative who will watch over or care for the widow …

Daily Question: Blessed

Day 4 – Blessed  Thur. – Sept. 26 – The Story pages 124.3 – 125.3 What did Naomi say the Lord had not stopped doing? What had Naomi seen to call forth this reaction? What examples of godly character do you see in Ruth?

Daily Question: In Boaz’s Field

Day 3 – In Boaz’s Field  Wed. – Sept. 25 – The Story pages 123.1 – 124.3 What attracts Boaz to Ruth? When has someone blessed you by giving you more than required of them? What does that suggest to you about what your lifestyle should be?

Watching Concrete Dry

Mt. Auburn Families, Three very important things: Below is a nutshell summary of our EXCELLENT 30 Hour Famine. Also below are details about this Sunday’s special Youth Group. Please complete the Sunday Morning Volunteer Schedule. Please look for your name; confirm that your name is in a time slot or slots that can work for you; and email me to sign …

Daily Question: Where You Go I Will Go

Day 2 – Where You Go I Will Go  Tues. – Sept. 24 – The Story pages 122-123 To whom did Ruth commit herself, beside Naomi? Why? In the emptiness that Naomi feels, what is the one lifeline that keeps her going?