Daily Question: Proverbs of Solomon

Day 3 – Proverbs of Solomon  Wed. – Oct. 23 – The Story pages 179.3 – 183.5 Which Proverb stands out for you? If you want the Lord to direct your path, what 3 things should you do?

Sermon Title

Pastor Jeremy preached a sermon entitled “It’s Fleece was White as Snow.” What do you think he meant by that? Why do you think he picked that title?

Daily Question: The Wisdom of Solomon

Day 2 – The Wisdom of Solomon  Tues. – Oct. 22 – The Story pages 177.7 – 179.3 How is wisdom different from mere knowledge? What did the test of the sword reveal?

Daily Question: Death of King David

Day 1 – Death of King David  Mon. – Oct. 21 – The Story pages 175 – 177.7 What was David’s advice to his Son, Solomon? What does Solomon ask for from God? What does this tell you about Solomon?

Daily Question: The Lord is My Shepherd

Day 6 – The Lord is My Shepherd Sat. – Oct. 19 – The Story pages 171 – 173 Do you, like David, give God credit and praise for your successes? How? How have you experienced God’s provision for you in your life?

Daily Question: Preparations

Day 5 – Preparations  Fri. – Oct. 18 – The Story pages 169.5 – 170 How did David react to the news that he could not build the temple? What was the most important advice that David gave to Solomon?

Daily Question: Absalom

Day 4 – Absalom  Thur. – Oct. 17 – The Story pages 166.9 – 169.5 How did David’s sin affect the future of his family? Who killed Absalom? Where was he connected to the story earlier?

Daily Question: Forgiveness

Day 3 – Forgiveness  Wed. – Oct. 16 – The Story pages 165 – 166.9 The bottom of page 165 – 166 expresses his joy in forgiveness. What had life been like before David admitted his sin? What did David finally do?