Answered Questions – The Story Readings

A persistent question in the Old Testament and through these chapters dealing with the forming of the nation of Israel is why all the destruction? Why is there the command from God to wipe out the opposing nations? A change of perspective may help us understand what is happening a bit more clearly. We tend to view the battles as …

Daily Question: Have Mercy on Me O God

Day 2 – Have Mercy on Me O God  Tues. – Oct. 15 – The Story pages 162.7 – 164 What gave Nathan the courage to confront the King? What stands out in David’s responding Psalm to God? What does David ask for?

Daily Question: The Sin of David

Day 1 – The Sin of David Mon. – Oct. 14 – The Story pages 161 – 162.7 What were the steps that took David deeper into the temptation that would ensnare him? Joab is given an order to do what he knew to be wrong. What responsibility does Joab have?

Daily Question: The House God will Build

Day 6 – The House God will Build Sat. – Oct. 12 – The Story pages 158.6 – 160 What did God declare He would build for David? What have you learned from David as to how you might better allow God to fulfill His purpose in your life?

Daily Question: David Becomes King

Day 5 – David Becomes King Fri. – Oct. 11 – The Story pages 155.3 – 158.6 How did David worship God? What was David’s single goal?

Daily Question: The Lord is My Rock

Day 4 – The Lord is My Rock  Thur. Oct. 10 – The Story pages 152.9 – 155.3 In the psalm on page 154, how does David understand his relationship to God? Why did David spare Saul when David had a chance to be free of Saul’s attempt to kill him?

Daily Question: David and Jonathan

Day 3 – David and Jonathan  Wed. – Oct. 9 – The Story pages 150.4 – 152 How would you describe Jonathan’s relationship with David? What do you learn about friendship in this story? What angered Saul?