Leadership Council Minutes – 10/28/2019

Members Present: Rick Allison, Valerie Blessing, Phil Brewer, Kent Brumbaugh, Jeff Buck, Jeff Fill, Vic Hasler, Tonya Overton, Marge Patton, Travis Taylor, Melissa Truelove, and Mike Womack Guests Present: Jeff Wright 1. Vic Hasler opened the meeting with prayer 2. Pastor Jeff’s Report Pastor Jeff compared the current state of the church to being in the eye of a hurricane between this …

Daily Question: The Fall of Jerusalem

Day 5 – The Fall of Jerusalem  Fri. – Nov. 22 – The Story pages 241.2 – 245.5 What happened to the temple? What can we learn from the hardships that Jeremiah had to endure?

Daily Question: The Prophet Jeremiah

Day 4 – The Prophet Jeremiah  Thur. – Nov. 21 – The Story pages 237.5 – 241.3 Why did Jeremiah weep? When did God first appoint Jeremiah as a prophet?

Daily Question: The Prophet Ezekiel

Day 3 – The Prophet Ezekiel  Wed. – Nov. 20 – The Story pages 235 – 237.5 What did God tell Ezekiel not to fear? How did God describe the people to whom He was sending Ezekiel?

Daily Question: King Nebuchadnezzar

Day 2 – King Nebuchadnezzar Tues. – Nov. 19 – The Story pages 223 – 235.1 Although Josiah did many great things for God, what was his great failure? What happens to the people of Jerusalem?