Daily Question: The Temple

Day 2 – The Temple  Tues. – Dec. 31 – The Story pages 264.6 – 267.7 When is the time of worship? Why is the temple important?

Daily Question: The Return

Day 1 – The Return  Mon – Dec. 30 – The Story pages 263 – 264.6 Why does God rescue the Israelites again? Who is the king who orders the return? What does this say about God?

Daily Question: The Test of Prayer

Day 3 – The Test of Prayer Sat. – Dec. 28 – The Story pages 257.9 – 261 What can you learn about the prayer from Daniel? What does Darius learn about God from Daniel?

Daily Question: The Test of Idol Worship

Day 2 – The Test of Idol Worship  Fri – Dec. 27 – The Story pages 253.1 – 257.9 What enabled Daniel’s three friends to stand against the king’s orders? What could three men do, if God didn’t do what He was capable of doing? What does that say about their faith?

Daily Question: Daniel in Exile

Day 1 – Daniel in Exile  Thur. – Dec. 26 – The Story pages 249 – 253.1 Daniel uses tact to deal with the issue of food. What did he propose? What are the three steps that Daniel uses in dealing with the issue of the king’s vision?