Daily Question: Before the Crowds

Day 5 – Before the Crowds  Fri. – Jan. 31 – The Story pages 329.6 – 331 What do you learn about Jesus in these encounters? How does Jesus react to the outcasts?

Daily Question: A Woman of Samaria

Day 4 – A Woman of Samaria  Thur. – Jan. 30 – The Story pages 327.6 – 329.6 What strikes you about Jesus’ response to the woman? What can we learn from Jesus about sharing the gospel in how Jesus dealt with this woman?  

Daily Question: Nicodemus

Day 3 – Nicodemus  Wed. – Jan. 29 – The Story pages 326.1 – 327.6 What does Jesus mean by: “We must be born again?” Why did God send His Son into the world?

Daily Question: Come and see

Day 2 – Come and see  Tues. – Jan. 28 – The Story pages 323.9 – 326.1 How does John the Baptist describe Jesus? What does the invitation to come and see mean for you?

Daily Question: John the Baptist

Day 1 – John the Baptist  Mon. – Jan. 27 – The Story pages 321 – 323.9 Who is John the Baptist? What is his job? What difference does it make for you to know Jesus faced testing?

Daily Question: The Genealogy of Christ

Day 6 – The Genealogy of Christ Sat. – Jan. 25 – The Story pages 318 – 319 Who are the women mentioned? What stands out to you in the Genealogy of Jesus?

Daily Question: Jesus as a Boy

Day 5 – Jesus as a Boy  Fri. – Jan. 24 – The Story pages 315.4 – 316 What do you learn about Jesus in this story? What does Mary do with God’s reminders of who Jesus is? How can you do that?