The Five Facts of Stress

James 1:1 – The Five Facts of Stress Stress! We all experience it especially in the midst of a world-wide crisis like we are going through now. James knew something about stress too. James was the brother of Jesus and he was giving leadership to the church that formed after the Resurrection of Jesus that was in Jerusalem. This letter …

Trafalgar Update – March 29, 2020

I’m not despairing, I’m just really sad… Like many of you, I’m missing my friends and I’m missing my freedom.  I don’t like being told to stay home and I don’t like this much change!  But it’s not about that anymore.  It’s about living into God’s will and considering what part of “normalcy” is worth returning to.  For years we …

Daily Question

March 31 – READ Psalm 51:7-12, Isaiah 61:10-11, Luke 15:3-10, 1 Peter 1:3-9. What brings rejoicing in heaven? What does being “found” feel like?

Daily Question

“Making God’s Story your Story” A four-week summary of The Story and its meaning for your life. This four-week summary will take us from Palm Sunday, April 5th to Mission Sunday, April 26th. The goal is to move us to the next step, making God’s Story our Story, letting God’s Story settle into our heart, where we are our shaped …

Daily Question: I Am Coming Soon

Day 6 – I Am Coming Soon  Sat. – March 28 – The Story pages 469.1 – 470 Who can come? What is the warning that is given?

Daily Question: New Jerusalem

Day 5 – New Jerusalem  Fri. – March 27 – The Story pages 466.5 – 469.1 Why is there no temple? What strikes you most about the Holy City?

Daily Question: Worship

Day 4 – Worship  Thur. – March 26 – The Story pages 465.5 – 466.5 Why should you rejoice and be glad? What strikes you most about the rider on the white horse?

Trafalgar Update – March 24, 2020

I can’t imagine seeing what John saw… Exiled on the island of Patmos, the apostle John received a vision from the glorified Christ that knocked him flat on his face.  Revelation 1:17 says that when he saw him he, “fell at his feet though dead”.  John’s revelation of the world to come is nothing short of astonishing.  While most Christians I know are intrigued by the …