A New Book by Our Own Jim Hogrefe

OMS has just released a new book that recounts the long struggle of the church in India, from the arrival of St. Thomas in the first century to the explosive church planting movement of the twenty-first century. A study guide in the back of the book can help groups go deeper in understanding cross-cultural missions. Filled with personal stories of explorers, missionaries, and Indian believers, The Far Side of the Sea unfolds God’s plan of redemption for this country of diverse cultures and languages. Here is an excerpt from one such story.

C.P. felt compassion for the man and his mother and said, “I have no power to drive out evil spirits, but I serve the Lord Jesus Christ who has the power and authority to do all things. Please, bring your mother inside.” C.P. then explained the Gospel to both of them, anointed the mother with oil, and commanded the evil spirit to leave the woman. The woman, who had been silent and staring into space, relaxed. She looked around the room and smiled at her son. Jesus had healed her.

Now as they sat at the table, eating their breakfast, there was another knock on the door. C.P. walked over and opened the door to a very different scene. Three men with angry faces reached for C.P. Two of the men grabbed C.P.’s arms while the other man menaced C.P. with a gun. They took him away to a quiet area behind some nearby buildings. The two men holding C.P. held him firmly while the other man pressed the gun into his chest. C.P. prayed silently to Jesus. As the man with the gun pulled the trigger and C.P. heard the gun fire, he thought, “I am dead.” He fell to the ground as the men released him . . .

If you would like a copy of this book, written by our own Jim Hogrefe, find Jim on Sunday morning or email him at jhogrefe@onemissionsociety.org.