Daily Question

April 6 – READ John 1:6-14, Acts 10:39-48, Romans 1:16-17 Believing gives us what rights? How is the Righteousness of God received?

Stress is Profitable

James 1: 9-12 – Stress is Profitable It has been said that a Christian is like a tea bag: he is not worth much until he has been through some hot water. Hot water – stressful trials – can be profitable to the believer. James illustrated this fact with his descriptions of the person with poverty, the person with plenty, …

Stress is Purposeful

James 1: 3-8 – Stress is Purposeful Stress is purposeful. We can actually benefit from stress. To be specific, stress can help produce purity in our lives. James spoke of the “testing” of our faith that happens during stress. Peter used the same word to say that various trials test “the genuineness of your faith, being much more precious than …

Daily Question

April 4 – READ Psalm 118:15-29, Zechariah 9:9-10, John 12:12-19, Rev. 19:1-8 What do you feel, hear, and see in these scenes? What convinces you that Jesus is your King?

Stress is Paradoxical

James 1: 2-4 – Stress is Paradoxical James insists we should “count it all joy” when we face stressful trials of many kinds. Count it what? Joy? Surely, James has it wrong, we do not think of stress and joy in the same breathe. Yet, James insists upon this paradox! We are to counter stress with joy. Dr. Peter Hanson …

Daily Question

April 3 – READ Psalm 89:14-18, Isaiah 25:9, Matthew 21:1-16, I Thess. 5:16-18 What is the connection between joy and prayer? How do you rejoice in God?

Stress Is Problematic

James says consider “various trials” to be “all joy.” James’ term for “various trials” is an interesting word in the Greek. The phrase can be literally translated as “many-colored trials.” Jesus knew not all trials are alike and that we all react to stress in different ways. Colors can symbolize our reactions. Some people’s response to stress is purple: they …

Daily Question

April 2 – READ Psalm 71:22-24, Habakkuk 3:17-19, John 16:22-24, Romans 5:1-6 What allows Habakkuk to yet rejoice in God? What helps you to choose to rejoice even in trouble?