Daily Question: Isaiah Speaks of the Coming Messiah

Day 6 – Isaiah speaks of the Coming Messiah  Sat. – Nov. 16 – The Story pages 228.6 – 230 What did you learn about the coming Messiah? What specific passages are fulfilled by Jesus? (hint – over 15)

Daily Question: Isaiah Speaks God’s Comfort

Day 5 – Isaiah Speaks God’s Comfort  Fri. – Nov. 15 – The Story pages 226.8 – 228.6 What would the future exiles come to feel was the cause of their suffering? What do you learn about the character of God in this message?

Daily Question: Isaiah Speaks God’s Judgement

Day 4 – Isaiah Speaks God’s Judgement  Thur. – Nov. 14 – The Story pages 225.6 – 226.8 What happens to children whose parents do not discipline them? What were the themes of Isaiah’s prophecies?

Daily Question: God Speaks through the Prophet Isaiah

Day 3 – God speaks through the Prophet Isaiah  Wed. – Nov. 13 – The Story pages 223.3 – 225.6 What was Isaiah’s response to his vision of the Lord? What did you learn about worship in the encounter between Isaiah and God?

Daily Question: King Hezekiah of Judah

Day 2 – King Hezekiah of Judah  Tues. – Nov. 12 – The Story pages 220.8 – 223.3 Why did King Hezekiah experience so many difficulties? Does obedience guarantee prosperity? What does it guarantee?

Daily Question: The Fall of Israel

Day 1 – The Fall of Israel  Mon. – Nov. 11 – The Story pages 219 – 220.8 What causes the Fall of Israel, the northern kingdom? Why does obedience require trust in the Lord?

Daily Question: Hosea

Day 6 – Hosea  Sat. – Nov. 9 – The Story pages 215.6 – 217 What is the purpose of God’s word through Hosea? What does Hosea say the people lack?

Daily Question: Amos

Day 5 – Amos  Fri. – Nov. 8 – The Story pages 213 – 215.6 What is the purpose of God’s Word through Amos? How are spiritual faithfulness and social justice connected?