Daily Question: Crucified

Day 6 – Crucified  Sat. – Feb. 22 – The Story pages 377.9 – 380 What parallels do you see between this scene and Psalm 22? What happened in the temple?

Trafalgar Update – February 21, 2020

Et Tu Brute’ ? Julius Caesar is probably one of the most famous rulers of all antiquity.  Under his governance Rome flourished.  He brought reconciliation after civil war; he instituted new laws and cancelled interest payments, which allowed Rome to recover economically.  He negotiated resettlement options to provide better employment options to the city’s poor.   He funded new public building projects …

Daily Question: Trial

Day 5 – Trial  Fri. – Feb. 21 – The Story pages 375.6 – 377.9 What does Jesus ask Pilate? What does Pilate tell the Jewish authorities? What does Jesus tell Pilate?

Daily Question: Betrayal

Day 4 – Betrayal  Thur. – Feb. 20 – The Story pages 373.3 – 375.6 What does Jesus say to those who have come to arrest Him? Why does Peter deny Jesus?

Daily Question: Jesus’ Prayer for You

Day 3 – Jesus’ Prayer for You  Wed. – Feb. 19 – The Story pages 371 – 373.3 Who does Jesus want to be glorified? What concerns does Jesus have for the disciples?

Daily Question: How We can Know the Way

Day 2 – How We can Know the Way  Tues. – Feb. 18 – The Story pages 368.9 – 370 How can we know the way? What do the bread and the cup represent?

Daily Question: Unless I Wash You

Day 1 – Unless I Wash You  Mon. – Feb. 17 – The Story pages 367 – 368.9 What area of service does Jesus call you to take upon yourself to the glory of God? Why was it necessary for Jesus to wash the disciples’ feet?

Daily Question: The Hour has Come

Day 6 – The Hour has Come  Sat. – Feb. 15 – The Story pages 363.3 – 366 What do the people’s shouts say about Jesus? What does Jesus want above all else?