Trafalgar Update – February 4, 2020

I meet a lot of people on the road.  Three years ago I started running for Team World Vision.  Since then, I have completed 3-half-marathons, 1-full-marathon, and 2-trail races.  Running requires focus, stamina, and commitment.  You have to push yourself!  When you feel like slowing down or stopping, you need to find the energy and willpower to push through those feelings.  …

Daily Question: Fame Spreads

Day 4 – Fame Spreads  Thur. – Feb. 6 – The Story pages 346 – 347.8 What did you learn about King Herod? How did the blind receive their sight?

Daily Question: Storms

Day 3 – Storms  Wed. – Feb. 5 – The Story pages 343.2 – 345 How was the woman healed? What do we learn about Jesus in the storm at sea and the storm on land?

Daily Question: What Must I Do

Day 2 – What Must I Do  Tues. – Feb. 4 – The Story pages 339.2 – 343.2 How does God want us to live? What are some reasons for why God wants us to pray?

Daily Question: Ears to Hear

Day 1 – Ears to Hear  Mon. – Feb. 3 – The Story pages 335 – 339.2 What can you learn from Jesus’ parables that you can use in your own life? What happens in heaven when a sinner repents?

Daily Question: Misunderstanding

Day 6 – Misunderstanding  Sat. – Feb. 1 – The Story pages 332 – 334 What does Jesus want John to do? Why are the Pharisees angry?