Are things changing again in Mt. Auburn’s Children’s and Student Ministries?

That is a big concern on the minds of many people, so come help us answer that question!

You, other parents, and other teachers and volunteers, and anyone with a heart for the young people in this community are invited for a Parents’ Prayer Day on July 14th.  For anyone who has not yet had a chance to hear the hearts of our new, “fearless” leaders, this will serve as an introduction time where Elizabeth and Jeremy can get to know you and the young persons who are important in your life!  This will also be an opportunity for you to share with them any concerns as we move into this new season, as well as priorities and things that are specifically important to you as we follow the Lord forward together.  Most importantly, this will be an opportunity for us as a group to pray together as we listen and discern the Holy Spirit’s leading for each of us and for this part of the Body of Christ.

Realistically, with significant shifts happening at an international denominational level, a societal level, and a congregational level, some things will have to flex with us as we aim toward the frontier, making sure we are right on the cusp of all that the Lord is doing in central Indiana in the second half of 2019.  The fact of the matter is though, and fortunately for us, that YOU will be instrumental in maintaining the consistency of all the wonderful things our Father has been doing among us.  That is why we are so eager to discuss and pray through this with you!

So July will be busy as Elizabeth and Jeremy work hard to get to know you.  Please come to pray and discuss on July 14th from 11:40 a.m. – 12:25 p.m. This meeting also includes a pizza lunch! Also feel free to join us that night from 5 – 7 p.m. for the Mission Trip Share Night. This will include a meal in the Chambers followed by ministry and prayer.

Also in July, join us for our VBS Encounters night on July 10th at 6:00pm, or for JAM or Youth Group any Sunday in July.  Finally, it seems we may be in a pinch occasionally for nursery or toddler helpers in July, so please let us know if you might be interested in being a substitute at some point.

Thank you to those of you who are praying for us; Elizabeth and Jeremy are interceding for you regularly, and eager to “ride the wave” with you as the Almighty God launches us into July and beyond!