Daily Question: Remember – Covenant and History

Day 6 – Remember – Covenant and History  Sat. – Sept. 14 – The Story pages 100 – 102 What is Joshua trying to accomplish in his final speech to the people of Israel? How are you choosing to serve God? What help do you need?

Daily Question: Inheritance Received

Day 5 – Inheritance Received  Fri. – Sept. 13 – The Story pages 98.4 – 99 What anchor points for faith does Joshua remind Israel as they prepare to live in the Promised Land? What has God helped you conquer? Extra credit – Why do you think God had a zero-tolerance policy for the Canaanites?

Daily Question: Do not be Afraid

Day 4 – Do not be Afraid  Thur. – Sept. 12 – The Story pages 96.1 – 98.4 How does God aid Joshua and the Children of Israel? What is the result of making a decision without inquiring of the Lord?

Daily Question: Failure

Day 3 – Failure  Wed. Sept. 11 – The Story pages 94 – 96.1 What was the missing ingredient at Ai the first time? What is the result of the disobedience of one person for the whole of Israel? Who all does your sin affect?

Daily Question: Jericho

Day 2 – Jericho  Tues. – Sept. 10 – The Story pages 91.8 – 93 What are the directions God gives about the spoils of victory? Remember this is the 1st of many victories to come. What is the significance of 1st fruits as opposed to left-overs? What is God trying to teach Israel in this battle plan to take …

Answered Questions – The Story Readings

Question – How is it determined which laws are still valid and which ones are no longer valid for the Christian? Why? How are these laws fulfilled in Jesus? All Laws? Which Laws? This was the same question that came-up before the Jerusalem Council in Acts 15. Did a Gentile have to become Jewish before becoming a Christian? Paul’s argument …

Daily Question: Be Strong and Courageous

Day 1 – Be Strong and Courageous Mon. – Sept. 9 – The Story pages 89 – 91.8 Why does Joshua need to be strong and courageous? What are some specific ways God may want you to show strength and courage this week?