Leadership Council – 4/27/2020

Members Present: Rick Allison, Valerie Blessing, Phil Brewer, Kent Brumbaugh, Jeff Buck, Roger Core, Tonya Overton, Marge Patton, Pat Richard, Travis Taylor, Melissa Truelove, Mike Womack and Jeff Wright

Note: Meeting held virtually

1. Kent Brumbaugh opened the meeting with prayer.

  1. Financial Reports–March 2020
    a. Stones Crossing Campus
    • Tithes for March were $24,000 less than expected.
    • Income exceeded expenses by $32,000 due to the $30,000 contribution from the
    daycare and a $15,000 gift for technology upgrades.
    • The bottom line is good, but we need to be cautious and keep costs down.
    • April is going well and should help make up the March shortfall.
    • The bank account balance is approximately $600,000 so we have a cushion of
    b. Trafalgar Campus
    • Tithes were as expected with no interruptions.
    • March expenses are in line with budget.
    c. Daycare
    • The daycare received $10,000 less in income due to the impact of COVID-19.
    • Payroll is $11,000 less than normal.
    • Currently the bottom line is good, but April is likely to be worse as more parents
    have withdrawn their kids.
  2. Status of Payroll Protection Program Application
    • Brenda Reynolds applied for the PPP loan (which will be forgiven) in the amount
    of $185,000 to cover expenses for an 8-week period.
    • The bank has requested additional information from Brenda and the outcome of
    the loan is uncertain at this time.
    • The Center for Congregations is offering a $5,000 grant to help with equipment
    and supplies for virtual worship. Jeff Wright is working with Andrew Hamilton to
    identify a list of needs that could be covered by the grant.
  3. Capital Projects
    a. Parking Lot Resurfacing
    • The parking lot resurfacing was approved in 2019 by the Leadership Council but
    was put off last fall due to cooler temperatures. This project was partially
    funded by the remainder of a gift (approx. $15,000) from 2018. Pastor Jeff is
    expecting another future gift that has not yet come in, but $23,000 was built into
    the 2020 budget for this project. The project is expected to move forward in
    b. Furnace and Ventilation
    • The best bid for the furnace and ventilation project was $7,800. Other bids
    ranged from $18,000-$22,000.
    • A question was raised over what is included with the $7,800 bid.
    • Chris Pittman, Brenda Reynolds and Beth Carter decided to wait on replacing the
    furnace for now due to the uncertainty of how the budget may be affected by
    the pandemic.
    • Chris Pittman has proposed to fill in the duct work in the floor/slab to save
    money. A question was raised about whether Chris can/should complete this
    work and whether this will just trap the smell in.
    • Rick Allison will follow-up with Chris Pittman to get the breakdown on the $7,800
    bid. Rick will discuss with Chris the possibility of seeking professional bids to fill
    in the duct work and report back to the Leadership Council.
    c. Grease Trap
    • The grease trap is on hold for now.
    • $20,000 was budgeted in the 2020 budget for other projects such as this.
  4. UMC General and Annual Conference Updates
    • The General Conference is postponed to 2021. Tentative dates of August 31-
    September 10, 2021 have been leaked out, but not confirmed.
    • The Annual Conference was postponed from June 2020 to two separate one-day
    agendas on August 15 and October 10.
  5. Pastor Reports
    a. Pastor Travis
    • Trafalgar has wrapped up The Story Study Group.
    • Pastor Travis is connecting to his congregation by making phone calls and
    delivering Upper Rooms to homes allowing for conversations with the people.
    • Volunteers are checking the building and mail.
    • People are turning to virtual worship, but Pastor Travis hopes a DVD will be
    available soon for those who do not use the internet.
    • Pastor Travis feels this pandemic has brought the two campuses together as one
    more than anything else.
    b. Pastor Jeff
    • Pastor Jeff celebrates that we have gone from a church that was not virtual to a
    church that is virtual, and he is very proud of Andrew Hamilton for all his hard
    • We are getting about 750 Facebook views for the virtual worship service each
    week. We need to consider how to nurture our virtual congregation going
    • Many life groups are meeting through Zoom.
    • Devotions are being led online by Jeff and Julie Buck, Travis Taylor, and Andrew
  6. Preparing to “Re-Open” the Church
    • The District Superintendent expects the Governor to announce a re-opening plan
    with limited gatherings of people allowed.
    • Virtual services have been fun and exciting, but will require a team of people to
    help in order to continue with this.
    • We need to consider connecting with our virtual congregation while balancing
    that with in-person worship.
    • A plan to sanitize between services will need to be developed before re-opening.
    • We need to use this time to consider the future configuration of worship and
  7. Special Announcement
    • Dr. Roger Core will be stepping down from the Leadership Council due to health
  8. Pastor Jeff Buck closed the meeting with prayer.