Leadership Council – 5/18/2020

Members Present: Rick Allison, Valerie Blessing, Phil Brewer, Kent Brumbaugh, Jeff Buck, Tonya Overton, Marge Patton, Travis Taylor, Melissa Truelove, Jeff Wright, and Mike Womack.
Special Guests: Phil Howard and John Wortinger
NOTE: Meeting held virtually via Zoom video and teleconference.

  1. Kent Brumbaugh opened the meeting with prayer.
  2. Reopening Plans
    • Bishop Trimble recommends not reopening live services before June 14 and encourages each church to share their reopening plan with their district superintendent.
    • Pastor Jeff shared that Facebook Live will continue through June 7 and then we will begin in-person worship with concurrent live streaming in The Courts on June 14.
    • On June 7 we will offer drive thru communion following the online service.
    • After reopening we will continue with one service at 10am through the end of July.
    • Music options are being considered as congregational singing is not
    • Rev. John Wortinger and Pastor Jeremy are preparing plans for life groups and for youth and children’s ministries.
    • Phil Howard is working closely with Brenda Reynolds and Chris Pittman to work out the logistics of reopening, but plans are very fluid at this point. The plan will include both campuses.
  3. Congregational Survey Results (presented by Phil Howard)
    • A survey created by Lifeway, modified for our church with the help of two doctors in our congregation, was sent out as a communication tool to help with planning.
    • Out of the 207 that have responded thus far, 95 said they would return to church with precautions while 102 said they would not return right away. 62% of those who have responded are over 65 years of age. These are examples of data points that are being used to inform the reopening plans.
  4. Financial Reports—April 2020
    • The Stones Crossing Campus had a great April, making up for the March shortfall. This was the highest giving for April in the last 5 years. Expenses remain low and are down by $62,000.
    • The Trafalgar Campus is about $4,000 down from last year, but expenses are also down so they are in good shape.
    • The Daycare income is down $14,000 for April and $25,000 below budget for the year. Expenses are $3,000 below budget leaving them at -$22,000. Currently there are 80 children enrolled.
    • The PPP loan/grant of $185,000 was received. The plan is to distribute $80,000 to the daycare, $13,500 to the Trafalgar Campus and $91,200 to the Stones Crossing Campus based proportionately on the payroll, utility, and mortgage interest expenses expected for each during May and June.
  5. Pastor Travis Report
    • Pastor Travis remains in contact with Trafalgar families and they feel cared for.
    • The financial reports are stable but giving is slightly down.
    • There will be a leadership meeting on June 3 to plan reopening procedures.
    • Tech support for streaming at Trafalgar is being reviewed.
  6. Pastor Jeff Report
    • Virtual Worship is going well.
    • Pastor Jeff, staff, and volunteers continue to contact families to check in on a regular basis.
    • We have completed “The Story” and are now planning where to go from here. Pastor Jeff has been working with Rev. John Wortinger on a new series, “Returning to Our First Love” to begin in August. This will get back to the basics and seek to change the way people think about church and help grow the church.
    • Pastor Jeff proposes that the Leadership Council review this new study and continue discussion at the June meeting.
  7. All Church Series by Rev. John Wortinger
    • Question was raised by the leadership council about how this is different from previous studies we have completed.
    • Rev. John Wortinger explained that this new series, “Returning to Our First Love” is more than a study, but a pattern for our future.
    • This will be a fresh biblical view of what the church is and how Jesus Christ has called it to function. There are five functions highlighted: shepherding, teaching, evangelist, prophetic, and apostolic.
  8. Updates on Building Maintenance by Rick Allison
    • Rick Allison spoke with Chris Pittman as a follow up to filling in the catacombs (in-ground air ducts). Chris shared that the HVAC representative suggested he could use industrial foam and possibly some concrete to fill in the catacombs to save money.
    • Chris Pittman is researching the need of quarterly HVAC maintenance inspections with Ellis Mechanical that cost $6,200 per quarter and considering reducing that to 3 times per year.
    • Another furnace has a gas leak, but the air conditioner can still be used. Chris is working on an inventory and spreadsheet detailing the life cycle of the 19 furnaces.
  9. Pastor Travis Taylor closed the meeting with prayer.