Leadership Council – 6/8/2020

Members Present: Rick Allison, Phil Brewer, Kent Brumbaugh, Jeff Buck, Jeff Fill, Tonya Overton, Marge Patton, Pat Richard, Travis Taylor, Melissa Truelove, Jeff Wright and Mike Womack
Special Guest: Phil Howard
NOTE: Meeting held virtually via Zoom video and teleconference.

  1. Kent Brumbaugh opened the meeting with prayer.
  2. Update on Tech Grant (by Jeff Wright)
    • The tech grant was approved for $5,000, but we are still awaiting the letter of agreement. Once the letter of agreement is complete, a check will be sent. We will then submit a final report showing detailed equipment expenses.
    • The equipment needed to update both campuses has been ordered.
    • The Trafalgar Campus will be recording, not live streaming, due to uncertainty of the internet bandwidth. Internet upgrades may need to be explored.
  3. Reopening Plan (by Phil Howard)
    • The task force (Phil Howard, Brenda Reynolds, Chris Pittman, Travis Taylor and Phil Brewer) presented a timeline to reopen the church in stages.
    • The seating plan with social distancing will consist of 128 chairs set up at the Stones Crossing Campus and 70 at the Trafalgar Campus.
    • A pastoral letter was sent to the congregation explaining the plan to resume services and information about registering to attend a service.
    • Entrances and exits will be limited to accommodate social distancing, and arrows and signage will be used for direction and flow.
    • Masks are strongly recommended but will not be enforced. We need to show grace to people.
    • The greeters and ushers will be trained before the Sunday Worship services.
    • The overall reopening plan was submitted to Dr. Aleze Fulbright who was pleased with the plan. Dr. Fulbright did ask us to consider the following questions: How will we respond if people do not follow the recommendations? Are the volunteers trained? What if there is a relapse of the virus?
    • A motion was made by Jeff Wright to accept the reopening plan put forth by the task force and Marge Patton seconded the motion. The plan was unanimously approved.
  4. WCA Update
    • The next meeting of the WCA Indiana Chapter will likely be held at the Stones Crossing Campus on August 8, 2020. There are currently 12 church members (including Mt. Auburn) and approximately 100 individual members in the chapter.
    • Mt. Auburn is allowed up to 16 attendees that can vote on delegates to the WCA Global Policy Board meeting, scheduled for October 30, 2020 in Montgomery,
    Alabama. Mike Womack has submitted his name as a potential delegate.
  5. The Leadership Council reconvened as SPRC after a short break.