Leadership Council Minutes – 2/24/2019

Members Present: Rick Allison, Valerie Blessing, Kent Brumbaugh, Roger Core, Jeff Fill, Ben Greenbaum, Tonya Overton, Marge Patton, Melissa Truelove, and Mike Womack

1. Kent Brumbaugh opened the meeting with prayer.

2. Update on General Conference

  • There is still one day remaining for the General Conference.
  • The One Church Plan and Simple plans are no longer options as they did not advance from the legislative committee discussion.
  • The Traditional Plan is leading the way (minus accountability amendments).
  • If the amendments to the Traditional Plan are not accepted, nothing has changed.
  • We can expect questions from the congregation as information has been shared in the mainstream media.

3. There is no Pastor Report as Pastor Jeff is on medical leave.

4. Follow-up on items/suggestions from Leadership Set-Up Meeting

  • The Leadership Council minutes could be posted more expediently.
  • It is not clear or intuitive where to find the minutes on the website under the “blogs” heading. After discussion about the website design and other options, the council agreed to continue posting the minutes in the current location.
  • The council agreed that the Director of Communication should announce in the newsletter when the minutes are posted to the website, and include a link to access the minutes from the newsletter.

5. Goals—2019

  • Pastor Jeff recommended broadly keeping our 2018 goals for 2019 (i.e., same general categories).
  • Concern was raised about the congregation members who have left the church after receiving the Leadership Council Resolution. The number of people who have left for this reason is approximately a dozen.
  • Attendance as a whole has dropped significantly over the last few years, and there was discussion regarding setting goals to address any underlying issue(s) that are causing the drop in attendance.
  • No specific goals were recommended for Pastor Jeff’s consideration.

6. Finance Review

  • January income was low, but we had two Sundays with snow storms.
  • Daycare is off to a solid start in 2019.
  • The question was raised as to an expected timeline for use of the donation from 2018.

7. Binder Review

  • The updated Leadership Council binders were passed out and discussed.
  • The demographics information is dated and needs to be renewed.
  • The Financial Policies are inclusive of both policies and procedures. Also at the time they were written we still had the Finance Committee. Mike Womack will be working to update the policies.

8. Trafalgar—Draft Charter

  • Mt. Auburn and Trafalgar created A Way Forward charter in 2013 to clarify the relationship between the two churches, but the relationship that exists doesn’t resemble the charter.
  • A draft amended charter was submitted by Dr. Ben Greenbaum, Jeff Fill and Kent Brumbaugh to the Leadership Council in September 2018.
  • Questions and comments regarding the draft amended charter were offered and received.
  • Kent Brumbaugh asked the council members to read through the document (inclusive of the questions and comments), and be prepared to discuss further at the March meeting.