Pastor’s Point – January 2019

Happy New Year! As we start January 2019, we are beginning a new sermon series in Genesis. On Sunday January 6, we begin with Genesis Chapter 1. At both services, we will have communion and will prepare for The Lord’s Supper by joining together with John Wesley’s Covenant. From the first, the founder of the Methodist movement put into practice a call for Christians to recommit to following Jesus the first Sunday of each new year. The key prayer is this brief prayer. May I ask you to pray these words every day in January?

Covenant Prayer

It is a good time to recommit ourselves. We are starting a new year, a new month, and a new season of the church year. As for our house, we are starting new things shortly as well. Our daughter, Anna, is getting married on January 19th in Elkhart, Indiana to Brandon Board. Anna and Brandon chose this date because Daniel (Anna’s brother) is home for his wedding February 9th and they wanted Daniel and Amanda (his fiancé) to be in their wedding before they rushed back to Hungary where they serve as Missionaries. We have worked all these new things out! The hard part was finding two new dresses for my wife! (just kidding!) Seriously, we have all pulled together to make both these weddings go smoothly. I think this is also a pretty good picture of how the church is to operate as well. We work together as team. We help each other and support each other. I believe this is how we show Jesus to one another.

New beginnings are exciting and 2019 is going to be fun! Let us pray for the church and for one another that we will recommit ourselves to following Jesus. May this be so!

-Pastor Jeff