Pastor’s Point – December 2018

Of all the nights of the year, Christmas Eve is the night of wonder.  There is something about December 24th that draws people to church.  Even people who have no use for God in their lives show up on Christmas Eve and bring their families.  Somewhere in the carols or the readings, or maybe in the lighting of the candles, I believe people feel a flicker of hope.  Hope that maybe there is a God and this God really did come to earth wrapped in swaddling clothes.  Hope that if this story is true, then just maybe, this God might work in my life now too.  Please know this hope will not disappoint you! Christmas Eve reminds me that God can and does work with all people of all ages.  I love watching the light going from candle to candle, person to person.  I am touched deeply as the light passes from old to young and young to old.  People who never have met before tonight are sharing the light.  It is an amazing time.  Come and invite someone to join you!   Truly it is a Holy Night!  Here is a little about our services:

4pm Children’s Christmas Eve This service is designed for a 3-4-year-old and their family.  The service is about 30 minutes and is fun, loud and very active.  The Christmas Story becomes to life and becomes our story.

7pm Family Service.  An Old-Fashioned Christmas Eve with Carols, Candles, and Readings of the Christmas Story.  Our Children’s Choir, Joyful Song, will sing.  This is a service for whole family as the service is for all ages.

9pm Trafalgar Christmas Eve  A traditional Carols and readings service. This service is at Trafalgar UMC located behind the library in Trafalgar.  Come and experience intimacy and warmth of this service.

11am Carols, Communion and Candles.  Hear the Chancel Choir sing and our Handbells ring.  Come celebrate the gift of Christmas with Lord’s Supper as we welcome Christ into our lives and hearts.  This is a service of Joy celebrating the birth and then toward the end we join in the hush of wonder as we gather before the manager.

We have been waiting all year for this night!

Merry Christmas!

Pastor Jeff