Trafalgar Update – 9/27/2020

Worship looked very different 2000 years ago. 

I’m certainly not saying better, just different.  When I think of all the things we try to cram into an hour on Sunday morning to connect people to the heart of God, I sometimes wonder if it’s unintentionally misdirected?    

When we gather for worship, what we know about God is supposed to drive us to communal proclamation.  That’s what message and the music are intended to do.  The message connects us to God’s Word, and the music is supposed to give voice to our affirmation of who God is and what Christ has done.  Neither the message nor the music are supposed to manipulate our emotions into feeling something our souls have not yet surrendered to, because that would result in false worship

In John 4, when Jesus encountered the Samaritan woman at the well, she was concerned about the true place of worship.  Was the true place of worship at the Temple in Jerusalem?  Or was it on Mt. Gerizim, where the Samaritans once built their Temple to Yahweh?  Jesus then challenges her whole perspective of worship in verse 21, when He informs her that the PLACE of worship isn’t nearly as important as the HEART of worship.  Jesus informs her that Samaritans worship what they do not know, and because they don’t know, their worship is essentially forfeit.  But it doesn’t have to stay that way… A time is coming, Jesus says, when true worshipers will worship in Spirit and in Truth. 

As you go through this week, don’t forget all you’ve come to know about the Lord.  Glory in all He has done for you!  Because only when our hearts have been truly changed can we enter His sanctuary with genuine praise on our lips. I am praying that the Lord will encounter you on your journey this week!

  • Trafalgar Gospel and Bluegrass:  On Sunday, October 4th, we’re hosting an OUTDOOR Gospel and Bluegrass concert!  Local artists, Mike Tetrick and Stones Crossing will perform from 4-7pm.  Food will be available for purchase from BoxBurger’s food truck.  We are looking for volunteers to come early to help set up and stay a few minutes after to help tear down.  Park at the Trafalgar library, bring both your lawn chairs and someone with you who needs a gospel encounter! 
  • Children’s Ministry:  We’ve been back in the sanctuary now for 16-weeks now.  While we have added a socially distanced Children’s message to each worship service we need to begin thinking of additional ways to reengage our overall ministry to Children.  Be in prayer how you might be a part of this ministry and be willing to take a risk for the cause of Christ. 
  • Friday Prayer Meetings:  To continue to seek the Lord’s guidance four our ministry, we’re going to be praying together every Friday morning in the Community Gardens at 9:30am.  Everyone is invited to meet together and intentionally pray for our church and seek the direction God is leading our ministry.

May God Bless and Keep you all this Week!

-Pastor Travis Taylor