Trafalgar Update – August 9, 2020

Saturday morning something really cool happened. 

Sarah and I were lying in bed having our first cup of morning coffee when I discovered a new message on my phone.  It was from a young girl in the Philippines asking if I was the Travis Taylor who had sponsored her when she was little.  You see, in 2007 I took a group of teenagers to a Youth Conference at Ball State University where the Spirit moved us to sponsor a child through Compassion International, an organization that provided Christian education to children in developing countries. 

Scanning a large table with hundreds of children, two of my more mature youth chose a six-year-old girl from the Philippines named Mary Joy.  At that time, sponsorship required $32 a month and the group agreed to bring in $1 each week to pay for her sponsorship, write letters, send photos, and pray for Mary Joy and her family.  For the next 6-years we regularly exchanged letters, received photos and watched Mary Joy grow.  We even expanded our Compassion ministry to sponsor two additional children, which required our youth to contribute $96 a month to their education.  Unfortunately, our Compassion Youth ministry lost steam when I left Mt. Auburn in 2013 and the three sponsorships eventually ceased. 

I hadn’t heard from Mary Joy since 2013, so imagine how encouraged I was to receive her message and hear all about her life!  Her father died unexpectedly in 2018, she is now 20-years old and working to help support her family.  Life is difficult where she lives, but she continues to love the Lord and was ever so grateful for her Compassion sponsorship that provided an education and resources many of her friends were not afforded.   The prayers and small sacrifices of a few American teenagers provided opportunities and a solid Christian framework for this little girl and her family. 

The moral of my story is this:  Take risks and invest in our children.  While we don’t always get to see the fruit of our labor, the time we invest in others always reaps eternal rewards… for us and God-willing those we engage with the gospel.  As Christ loves and equips us, so we must love and equip others…

Join us this Sunday for “Our First Love”

  • Children’s Ministry:  We’ve been back in the sanctuary now for 8-weeks.  While we have added a socially distanced Children’s message to each worship service we need to begin thinking of additional ways to reengage our overall ministry to Children.  Be in prayer how you might be a part of this ministry and be willing to take a risk for the cause of Christ.
  • Root-Beer Floats:  This Sunday (8/9) our Student Ministry will be meeting at the Community Park in Trafalgar across from Trafalgar Christian Church from 5-7pm.  Youth group is for students grades 6th-12th grade; friends are welcome. 
  • Holy Conversations:  Tomorrow evening, 8/6 from 6:30-8pm, we’ll officially begin our Holy Conversations Small Group Study and Discussion socially distanced in the Sanctuary.  This will be an 8-week study over 9 Sundays.  Holy Conversations are intended to begin dialogue about how we handle these difficult situations. It will allow us to come together as a congregation and examine how the people of God should respond individually, locally and globally. We will help facilitate “Holy Conversations” in two ways:
  1. Daily Devotional:  This booklet will guide your scripture readings for the week and provide you with an opportunity to reflect on God’s word before you hear it on Sunday morning. These daily devotions begin on Monday, August 3rd.
  2. Sunday morning worship will be centered around current issues and insights from the weekly devotions. We encourage you to ask us questions throughout this sermon series so we can respond to them each week. There will also be resources that correlate with the weekly sermon online. Join us for the first sermon of this new series on Sunday, August 9th.
  • Prayer Meeting:  To continue to seek the Lord’s guidance four our ministry, we’re going to be praying together every Friday morning in August from 9:30-10:30am.  Everyone is invited to meet together and intentionally pray for our church and seek the direction God is leading our ministry.
  • Youth Game Night:  August 23rd, 5-7pm at Kim Peter’s house (more details to come)
  • Youth Pool Party:  August 30th at Ryan and Amber Core’s house (more details to come)

Please continue to reach out and bless those around you.  Especially be in prayer for those who continue to feel isolated during this season of the COVID crisis. 

With Much Love,

-Pastor Travis Taylor