Trafalgar Update – June 14, 2020

I don’t know what we’re going to do this fall. 

Currently our kids are scheduled to go back to school in August, but under the projected health protocol, it may just be too much.  With mandatory quarantines lasting anywhere from 3-14 days depending on the perceived COVID threat level (fever/cough/congestion), it’s hard to provide consistency for their learning environment.  Honestly, it’s enough to make you want to pull your hair out, but I understand it.  All the unknowns just make it hard to plan.

The same goes for church.  We’ve been back in the sanctuary for 5-weeks now, but it still feels like we’re in a holding pattern, inching our way into the “next normal.”  It’s hard to know what direction to move in, and how we should invest our energy for the glory of God?  Should we focus on families?  Kids?  Community Service?  Online resourcing? Or should we just work on maintaining the Sunday worship service?  What is Christ calling us to do right now?

In John 7, Jesus’ brothers wanted him to “show himself to the world! (v4).”  Jesus responded, “it wasn’t His time, but that it was always their time (v6).”  In short, Jesus has His own agenda He will fulfill when He’s good and ready… but his followers should ALWAYS be ready to move into position!  I hope you’ll join me in prayer for our church and in discerning where Christ is calling us to invest ourselves most in this season.  Join us Sunday for:  “On God’s Terms

  • TLC:  Trafalgar Leadership Council:  Tomorrow, July 15th, from 6:30-8pm the Trafalgar TLC will be meeting in the Trafalgar sanctuary.  If you have a question or concern you would like the Council to discuss, please contact Melissa Truelove or 317-535-8555 ext. 1304
  • Team World Vision:  For the past 3-years, Mt. Auburn has partnered with TWV to increase awareness and raise money to bring clean water to children in Africa. Last year Mt. Auburn raised $14,839.10 for TWV and this year, with all our world is facing, we are hoping to surpass that goal. Join Us!  If you haven’t checked out the training plan you can download it here: We are on this journey to bring kids clean water around the globe and our team has already raised $500.
  1. We love training in community of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities on Saturday mornings for Group Runs.  We are so excited to be able to Go Farther Together in this season, while also providing a safe environment to protect the most vulnerable in our communities. Three things to know for Saturday:
  2. We meet at Freedom Park Greenwood at 7am – Mt. Auburn is hosting the first 3 weeks (I would love to arrange a Trafalgar location)
  3. There is no pressure to join if you don’t feel comfortable in this season.  
  4. What to bring:your cell phone, a mask for pre-run/walk, your own water and any fluids or snacks you would like before, during or after training at the Group Run.
  5. Don’t be afraid to invite anyone to these group runs, just give them the heads up regarding the safeguards we have in place.
  • Holy Conversations:  In August we will be starting a 9-week series titled: “Holy Conversations.” This series is intended to begin dialogue about how we handle difficult situations, and examine how the people of God should respond individually, locally and globally. A daily devotional will be available on Sunday, July 26. This booklet will guide your scripture readings for the week and provide you with an opportunity to reflect on God’s word before you hear it on Sunday morning. These daily devotions begin on Monday, August 3. If you can’t pick one up at church, please contact and we will mail you one.

While our circumstances may look a little different, our mission remains the same.  May the love of Christ compel you to far more than you ever thought possible!

Your Devoted Friend in Christ,

-Pastor Travis Taylor