Trafalgar Update – September 15, 2020

Kids can be cruel. 

As a life-long stutterer I have struggled through feelings of rejection and ridicule for as long as I can remember.  Even now there are days I battle against wanting to avoid others and often dread opening my mouth for fear of sounding less than articulate.  Although I had many friends as a child, I still remember those moments when I knew I was NOT accepted by my peers.  Moments when other children teased and laughed, while adults pitied and stared at their shoes.

But no matter how insecure I may sometimes feel because of my speech-impediment, I have never felt rejected for who I am.  But I know plenty of people who have.  I know plenty of people who have experienced great pain and rejection from others who only see them as… DIFFERENT, INFERIOR, or LESS. 

In John chapter 4, Jesus and his disciples are going through Samaria on their way to Galilee.  It was a region Jews typically avoided because Jews hated Samaritans and Samaritans generally hated Jews.  The depth of their mutual distain for one another was immense and had lasted for many generations.  Yet, it was here, sitting beside a well that Jesus meets an outcast among the outcasts. A minority among the minorities.  A woman who generally went out of her way to avoid others for fear of public ridicule.  And where others saw Samaritan, Jesus saw Human Being.  Where others saw insignificance, Jesus saw value.  Where others ridiculed and rejected, Jesus entreated and accepted

This week, let us consider the outcasts among us… those people who for whatever reason feel less-than accepted by their peers and society.  And as Christ meets each and every one of us in our fears and insecurities, let us seek to meet others there too. 

Join us this Sunday for Divine Appointments:  John 4:1-42… 

  • TLC:  Trafalgar Leadership Council:  Tomorrow evening from 6:30-8pm our TLC (local leadership team) will be holding our monthly meeting.  This group currently functions like a Council on Ministries for our campus, focusing on ministry related topics such as:  Worship, Outreach, Children, Discipleship, etc…  We also review campus finances and consider facility usage and maintenance.  Since COVID, ministry has changed and we are praying for direction and ways to move forward in these areas.  If you have a heart for ministry and a desire to see Christ’s influence expand in our community, please contact me to discuss where the Lord may be leading you. 317-965-6644
  • Trafalgar Day of Service:  As the summer months draw to a close, we want to bless those in our community who may need assistance wrapping up their outdoor seasonal chores. This Saturday, September 19th our Trafalgar Campus will spend the morning working together to bless others.  Please be in prayer about how you can be available to serve this day.   We plan on working on 2-3 houses from 8:30am-Noon.  We will meet at the church at 8:30am.
  • Trafalgar Gospel and Bluegrass:  On Sunday, October 4th, we’re hosting an OUTDOOR Gospel and Bluegrass concert!  Local artists, Mike Tetrick and Stones Crossing will perform from 4-7pm.  Food will be available for purchase from BoxBurger’s food truck.  Park at the Trafalgar library, bring both your lawn chairs and someone with you who needs a gospel encounter! 

Witch Much Love,

-Travis Taylor