Leadership Council – 3/22/2021

Members Present: Rick Allison, Valerie Blessing, Phil Brewer, Kent Brumbaugh, Randy Light, Tonya Overton, Marge Patton, Mark Rich, Pat Richard, Travis Taylor, John Thompson, Melissa Truelove and Jeff Wright

NOTE: Meeting held virtually via Zoom video and teleconference.

  1. Kent Brumbaugh opened the meeting in prayer and shared concern for staff members dealing with difficult circumstances and asked the council to be in prayer for them.
  2. Financial Reports for February 2021
    a. Trafalgar Campus
    • The Trafalgar campus has a net loss of $3,409 through February.
    • Trafalgar is paying apportionments at a rate of 12.61% instead of 11.0%. Jeff Wright will research this.
    • Jeff Wright had a productive meeting with Kim Fill regarding the general finances and the potential refinance of the mortgage.
    • Awaiting bank statements to determine the cash flow.
    b. Daycare
    • Monthly deficit of $2,561 and a YTD deficit of $15,142.
    • Jeff Wright mentioned that there is a need for financial policy guidelines between the Stones Crossing Campus and the Daycare.
    • The summer program enrollment is filling up which should help with the deficit.
    • Bus maintenance has been completed on one of the buses (tires) and
    another one awaits maintenance. Chris Pittman is getting estimates.
    c. Stones Crossing Campus
    • Net Income is up $32,341 for the month and up $73,508 YTD.
    • The insurance expense will show up in the March financial statement.
    • The Stones Crossing campus is much better off than expected for the year.
    Much of this is due to lower expenses than expected, but we must continue to do ministry. Also, some congregation members have given their full tithe for the year, so YTD giving is higher than expected.
  3. Letter to Congregation—Follow-up from February
    • After the discussion at last month’s meeting, sending a financial letter to be transparent about the budget deficit was still being evaluated.
    • After two months of strong giving, we are in a much better financial situation than expected. It was decided that a letter will be sent at the end of each quarter updating the congregation on the 2021 budget and the current financial status.
  4. Facilities Priorities List—Follow-up from February
    • The list still needs to be prioritized in order of importance.
    • A question was raised regarding the items listed as “awaiting funding”. Rick Allison will follow up again with Chris Pittman to clarify if these were not included in the budget.
    • Trafalgar projects need to be added to the priority list. The TLC is working on this list and will get it to Chris Pittman.
  5. Mt. Auburn as One Church—Follow-up from February
    • Trafalgar’s TLC meeting raised the question of “What is the vision of being one church?” For example, what impact does that have for staff, finances, and communication.
    • Some movement has begun with communication, but more direction is needed. Trafalgar shut down their website and Facebook page and Samantha Truelove is working on updating the Mt. Auburn website to include both campuses.
    • Concern was raised over how long we have been talking about this, but not following through with it.
  6. Missions Committee Guidelines and Trinity Church Proposal
    • The guidelines put together by the Missions Team is to clarify procedural interpretations and is an informational item.
    • The intent is not to change the policy approved last year by the Leadership Council.
  7. Trinity Church Proposal
    • This proposal is intended to bring clarity and to help Trinity Church move to independence and sustainability.
    • No increased funding is being requested.
    • A motion was made by John Thompson to accept and endorse the Trinity Church Proposal put forth by Jeremy Van Deman and the Mission Team. Tonya Overton seconded the motion, and it was passed unanimously.
  8. Update on UMC and Request for Transition Team
    • Mike Womack prepared a Global Methodist Church Fact Sheet as an overview.
    • There is concern over the possible length of time it will take for the separation protocol to be adopted since the General Conference was delayed until
    September 2022.
    • The virtual General Conference in May has a specific purpose of approving 12 distinct items. There is a possibility of getting the separation protocol as item number 13. If the protocol is approved, the timeline for decisions would accelerate.
    • While there is a need to educate the congregation on what is happening, concern was raised at how much time we have spent on this issue with no action. How do we balance awareness with appreciation for the congregation’s fatigue about this issue?
    • Pastor Jeff sent an email to the Leadership Council recommending establishing a team consisting of Mike Womack, Jeff Wright, Tonya Overton and one Trafalgar member, to look at the issues that need to be clarified and prepared for.
    • A motion was made by Marge Patton to form a Transition Discovery Team to consider the different options as the UMC goes through this time of transition. The team is to be made up of the list compiled in Pastor Jeff’s email with the
    remaining member to be identified by Pastor Jeff. Pat Richard seconded the motion, and it was passed unanimously.
    • Kent Brumbaugh asked the Leadership Council to review the additional
    document prepared by Mike Womack and to give thought to the questions.
  9. Pastor Travis closed the meeting with prayer.