Leadership Council Minutes – 3/25/2019

Members Present: Rick Allison, Valerie Blessing, Kent Brumbaugh, Jeff Buck, Jeff Fill, Ben Greenbaum, Vic Hasler, Tonya Overton, Marge Patton, Pat Richard, Melissa Truelove, and Mike Womack

1. Kent Brumbaugh opened the meeting with prayer.

2. The Leadership Council was reminded that Roger Ross will be coming for his rescheduled visit, and will meet with the Leadership Council on Friday, April 12.

3. WCA Follow up-Up to General Conference

  • Supporters of the One Church Plan were shocked at the outcome of the General Conference.
  • Some bishops and pastors are being defiant and are suggesting that they will ignore or defy the Traditional Plan approved at the General Conference.
  • The Leadership Council discussed whether we should take a stand by discontinuing payment of our apportionments and putting the money in a separate fund. Some other UMC congregations have already done this. At this time, we will continue paying the apportionments and continue monitoring and discussing this.

4. Financial Reports Review

  • February ended pretty well with the budget and spending in line.
  • Even though attendance is down the offering remains stable.

5. Pastor Jeff’s Report/Goals

  • Pastor Jeff is grateful to the staff for running things so smoothly in his absence. It’s been a hard season for his family but they are thankful for the prayers and support of the congregation and staff.
  • Pastor Jeff would like to keep the same goals for 2019 that we had for 2018. We need to slightly adjust the wording on the spiritual gifts’ goal of helping people to discern and implement their spiritual gifts.

6. Trafalgar-Draft Charter

  • The original Mt. Auburn/Trafalgar charter (A Way Forward) was not implemented as planned back in 2013. The amended Mt. Auburn/Trafalgar charter has been studied and discussed by the Leadership Council.
  • Mt. Auburn’s original intent for taking on Trafalgar was a missional outreach as well as some financial assistance. Mt. Auburn co-signed a loan for Trafalgar to cover their promissory notes.
  • Trafalgar’s current average attendance is 60 with 95-100 members. In 2013 when Pastor Ben took over the average attendance was 35. The age of the congregation is much more diverse than it was in 2013.
  • The Leadership Council discussed how the two churches can operate as one and integrate the current staff into both churches.
  • We need to move forward with the proposed new charter in the next quarter, definitely before the 2020 General Conference.
  • The Leadership Council sub-group that created the new charter will update it before the next Leadership Council meeting. Once the charter is reviewed at the next meeting, it will be discussed with the District Superintendent, Jim Bushfield (meeting targeted in May).

7. Copier Lease

  • The new copier lease was approved via email.
  • There are some differences between the old lease and the new lease, and if the number of copies go up significantly, the printing cost will increase.
  • Currently the Leadership Council is required to approve all leases per our Financial Policy. The Financial Policy will be reviewed and possibly changed so that decisions on leases can be handled administratively if within budget constraints.

8. Roofing Proposals

  • The Leadership Council reviewed the 3 roofing estimates that Chris Pittman obtained.
  • The 3 estimates varied greatly creating questions that need answered by Chris.
    a. When was the last time the shingles were replaced on the old section of the building?
    b. What work was done on the old section last year?
    c. If we currently have multiple leaks in the newer section of the building, should we be fixing these first?
  • Chris is on vacation currently, but these questions will be addressed upon his return. The roofing estimates will be re-visited at the next meeting of the Leadership Council, or by e-mail if needed sooner.

9. Pastor Jeff closed the meeting with prayer.