Leadership Council Minutes – 4/26/2021

Members Present: Rick Allison, Valerie Blessing, Phil Brewer, Kent Brumbaugh, Jeff Buck, Randy Light, Tonya Overton, Marge Patton, Pat Richard, Travis Taylor, John Thompson, Melissa Truelove and Jeff Wright
NOTE: Meeting held virtually via Zoom video and teleconference.

  1. Kent Brumbaugh opened the meeting with prayer.
  2. Pastor Reports
    a. Pastor Jeff Report
    • We celebrate the recent Mortgage Burning Ceremony, two baptisms
    yesterday, the Trafalgar Serve Day and the upcoming Stones Crossing Serve Day.
    • Things are proceeding well with the planning of the upcoming youth mission trips and VBS.
    • We are expecting continued challenges ahead with the UMC denomination disagreements.
    • The Theology of Discipleship Document was presented and discussed. The council members were asked to study the document, pray individually, and send questions to Pastor Jeff or Pastor John before voting on it in May. The mission and vision have not changed, but we lack a clear definition of what it means to be a disciple. The intent of this document is to provide clarity.
    b. Pastor Travis Report
    • Trafalgar will be having their TLC meeting on Wednesday, April 28 and Pastor Jeff and Kent Brumbaugh were invited to attend.
    • Pastor Travis and the Trafalgar Campus are seeking clarity on what it means to be one church.
  3. Financial Reports for March
    a. Stones Crossing Campus
    • Ended March with a deficit of $37,779. An extra payroll in March
    contributed to the deficit.
    • Net Income is $35,742 YTD due to a great January.
    • Total income for the 1st 3 weeks in April is $65,450.
    b. Daycare
    • Ended March with a deficit of $13,213.
    • Net Loss is $28,355 YTD.
    • Summer program looks very promising and will hopefully offset much of the YTD deficit.
    • Staff Covid cases, room closures, and an extra payroll in March contributed to the deficit.
    • Conversations need to occur between the Daycare and the Stones Crossing Campus to create financial policies regarding responsibility for expenses.
    c. Trafalgar Campus
    • Net Income is $3,094 YTD.
    • A question was raised about the Marion Callon fund and the Johnson County Foundation grant. The Marion Callon fund functions like an endowment, with annual proceeds available to support ministries at Trafalgar. The Johnson County Foundation grant is a one-time award that will need to be reapplied for in the future.
    d. Bank Account Balances
    • Stones Crossing account balance is $717,354.
    • Daycare account balance is $273,003.
    • Trafalgar account balance is $64,572.
    • We have been blessed to be in such a strong position!
  4. Letter to Congregation & 1st Quarter Financial Update
    • The draft letter was reviewed and discussed.
    • Changes were suggested to explain the summary chart in simpler terms.
    • The edits will be made and sent to Samantha Truelove so she can send out the letter to both campuses.
  5. Trafalgar Mortgage Refinancing
    • The mortgage balance is approximately $300,000.
    • There are two refinance options through Mutual Savings Bank. A 20-year term with a rate of 4.02% or a 25-year term with a rate of 4.33%. Both options are adjustable rates with a rate adjustment every 5 years (the same as the current mortgage).
    • The borrower is listed as Trafalgar UMC, but question was raised as to if this is the correct legal borrower. Question was also raised as to if Trafalgar would get a better rate if Mt. Auburn UMC was listed as the borrower.
    • The refinance options will be reviewed by the Trafalgar TLC, with a
    recommendation for action by the Leadership Council.
  6. Update on UMC and upcoming decisions for Mt. Auburn
    • The May Virtual General Conference was cancelled.
    • The Transition Team for Mt. Auburn was formed but has not met yet.
    • Orthodox churches all over the United States are being targeted. A North Georgia pastor of a large orthodox church was offered a reappointment to a newly created conference position. The pastor and church did not accept this reappointment and is choosing to leave the denomination.
    • The WCA meeting is being held in Alabama the first weekend in May. Jeff Wright and Mike and Debbie Womack will be attending.
    • Pastor Jeff encouraged the Leadership Council to pray for the UMC and to read information offered by Chris Ritter for the best news on what is happening.
  7. Facilities Project Update
    • The roof leaks, brick inlay removal and courts lighting are all underway.
    • The 2009 Chevy bus repairs will move forward immediately. Estimated cost is
    approximately $9,000. The remaining $4,400 in the bus maintenance budget will be used and the rest will be covered by the general maintenance budget.
  8. The Leadership Council reconvened as SPRC after a short break.