Leadership Council Minutes – 9/23/2019

Members Present: Rick Allison, Valerie Blessing, Phil Brewer, Kent Brumbaugh, Jeff Buck, Roger Core, Jeff Fill, Vic Hasler, Tonya Overton, Marge Patton, Pat Richard, Travis Taylor, Melissa Truelove, and Mike Womack

1. Kent Brumbaugh opened the meeting with prayer.

2. Pastor Jeff’s Report

  • The Story is going well, and our life group attendance has increased.
  • Chris Pittman has presented a security analysis proposal and is gathering a team of volunteers. This should be complete in approximately 6 weeks.
  • Our Stewardship Campaign is under way and all packets that were not picked up have been mailed out to the congregation.
  • The signage for Mt. Auburn and Trafalgar has been clarified and the new logos were created for both campuses.
  • Since the 2019 General Conference, there has been a drop in giving to The United Methodist Church.
  • The WCA is expected to share their vision for the future at the Fourth Global Gathering on November 9. Pastor Jeff will be attending.

3. Leadership Council connection to Staff/Programs

  • Feedback indicates that there still seems to be a communication disconnect between Leadership Council and staff, and most staff have not met with their assigned council member.
  • Kent Brumbaugh proposed keeping this as a routine agenda item and the council members would be scheduled to share updates on the different ministry areas.

4. Draft Financial Policy

  • There is still question as to whether this applies to the Scouting ministry.
  • Point #2 gets into procedures, not just policy, and still needs some edits.
  • Mike Womack will take all the suggestions and develop a final draft.

5. Financial Reports—August

  • We are still in good financial shape but giving is down in the Summer months and the year-to-date giving is not as strong as anticipated. Expenses are down so there is no great current concern, however this is not a good trend.
  • The daycare actual expense for staff salaries is lower than budget due to staff shortages.

6. Stewardship Campaign

  • The budget for 2020 needs to include enough for the ongoing facility repairs needed as mentioned in the Facility Task Force Report.

7. Leadership Council Membership for 2020

  • Pastor Jeff has asked the 3 council members whose term ends in 2019 to remain on the Leadership Council. Tonya Overton and Mike Womack have agreed to stay on, but Vic Hasler will end his term in 2019.
  • The Nominations Committee met and nominated Jeff Wright to serve as the new Leadership Council member for 2020.

8. Missions Team Update

  • Jeremy Van Deman is the staff representative for the Missions Team.
  • The Missions Team suggests that in order to support the vision of the church, the ministries supported by missions must offer a Christian component.
  • The Leadership Council agrees with the Christian component, but they would like to see a breakdown of percentages that support different areas such as local and international missions. Mike Womack suggests creating a policy that outlines these guidelines. He will work with Jeremy Van Deman and Rob Stiles to create a draft.

9. Conference Tithing

  • Many churches are withholding apportionments and putting the money into a separate escrow account due to concerns with UMC leadership decisions.
  • The Leadership Council discussed the pros and cons of conference tithing, but
    withholding apportionments is also going against the Book of Discipline. At this time Mt. Auburn will continue to tithe and continue to discuss this issue.

10. Potential Land Use

  • Greenwood Christian Academy (GCA) is losing their sports fields due to changes in Worthsville Road. Mt. Auburn may be able to assist with temporary fields by using the Western portion of our property.
  • There is a small group meeting to discuss with GCA, but for now this is only an informational item.

11. Growth Strategy

  • Last month Pastor Jeff asked the Leadership Council to consider how we want to grow. Do we want to be one mega church or be a hub church with multiple campuses?
  • The Council discussed this issue briefly with comments leading to our need to develop an outward focus. We need to consider how to reach out in our community and reach the lost. We need to rethink what we do and be in prayer about this.

12. Pastor Jeff closed the meeting with prayer.