Leadership Council

Leadership Council Minutes - August 23, 2021
Members Present: Rick Allison, Valerie Blessing, Phil Brewer, Kent Brumbaugh, Jeff Buck, Randy Light, Tonya Overton, Marge PAtton, Mark Rich, Travis Taylor, John THompson, Melissa Truelove, Jeff Wright
  1. Kent Brumbaugh opened the meeting with prayer.
  2. Financial Reports for July 2021
    a.      The Stones Crossing Campus ended July with a deficit for the month of $26,718.
    Year-to-date net income is $32,200.
    b.      The Trafalgar Campus ended July with a deficit for the month of $3,895. Year-to date net income is $786.
    c.      The Daycare ended July with a surplus for the month of $10,979. Year-to-date net
    loss is $(4,795).
    d.      The bank account balances are all above our minimum thresholds and Mt. Auburn’s cash position has improved since January 1, 2021.
  3.  Stewardship Campaign
    • The campaign is underway, and three letters have been sent to the
    congregation. The letters have caused some confusion for the Trafalgar
    congregation since they have never had a Stewardship Campaign before and
    have no point of reference. Pastor Jeff will meet with Randy Light, Phil Brewer,
    and Pastor Travis to discuss communication approaches specific to the Trafalgar
    • The Stewardship packet with commitment/pledge cards will be sent out in mid-September.
    • The 2022 proposed budget includes $12,000 for a part-time Director of Worship
    at Trafalgar.
  4. Leadership Council Roster-Transition for 2022
    • There are 6 open positions for 2022. Pastor Jeff is meeting with the Nominations
    and Personnel Committee to come up with recommendations for filling the
    • Council members can serve two consecutive 3-year terms but must lay out one
    year before returning, per the Leadership Council concept/working practices
    • Marge Patton expressed concern that the Daycare ministry should have
    appropriate representation on the Council as she transitions out.
    • Pastor Jeff will bring a proposed roster for 2022 to the September Council
  5.  Pastor Report
    • Touch-a-Truck was an amazing event with an estimated 2,500 in attendance and
    80 volunteers. Contact information was collected and guests will receive an
    invite to attend Grandparents’ Day on September 12.
    • The Bishop issued a statement about discontinuing our relationship with the Boy
    Scouts of America (BSA) as a chartering organization. This is due to lawsuits that
    have been filed against BSA and concerns about liability. We are gathering
    information and investigating our options at this point. We are continuing as is
    for now, but the Leadership Council will need to weigh in at some point.
    • We are working on filling the staff positions for Communications, IT, and Sound.
    • COVID is creating issues for filling volunteer positions, particularly in Children’s
    Ministry. We have had several new visitors, many of which are families with
  6. Follow-Up Reports
    a.      Cell Tower Negotiations
    • Jeff Wright followed up with Keith Larson at Evergreen. The provision that
    any incremental future rent would be a 50/50 split is standard and nonnegotiable, but we do have the right of refusal for any expanded land leases.
    • Crown Castle would still manage the tower regardless of who Landmark sells
    the lease to.
    • There is no specified time limit to accept the easement agreement and lease
    assignment, so we will continue to study the offer and possibly have a lawyer
    look at the contract.
    b. Lighting in The Courts
    • The lights that were ordered have not yet arrived. Paul Sanders is ready to
    install the lights once they come in.
  7. After a short break the Leadership Council reassembled as the Staff-Parish Relations