Trafalgar Update – 3/28/2021

I recently saw the movie Dunkirk. 

Dunkirk is an award-winning film released in 2017 that portrayed the bleak situation where Allied troops, beaten back by German forces were forced to await a beach rescue during the 1940 Battle of France.  Hundreds of thousands of men lined up on the open beaches of Dunkirk anxiously awaiting evacuation via ships from across the English channel…  all while being bombarded by the German Luftwaffe.  Rescue ships that did manage to make it to the beach were often easy targets for the German bombers, making rescue attempts seem futile.  Survive the beach only to die at sea. 

It was only due to the bravery of the British Spitfires who engaged the German areal assaults in dogfight fashion that gave many men the hope and confidence to board the rescue ships.  However, Allied pilots often had to make the difficult decision to fight or retreat based on the fuel economy of their planes.  Each time a British Spitfire would fly over the beach the men would cheer, seeing the hope of deliverance that came at such a high cost!  In the final scene a single British Spitfire, flying on fumes shoots down the last German dive-bomber that had sank so many ships loaded down with fleeing men.  The soldiers cheer as the fuel depleted Spitfire is forced to land on the beach… and the brave pilot torches his plane and is taken prisoner. 

In the end, it was estimated that over 350,000 men were killed in the battle, while just over 300,000 men were finally rescued.

Palm Sunday marks the Triumphal Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.  Cheering crowds lined the streets, hopeful that Jesus would be the kind of messiah to finally free them from Roman occupation and restore Israel’s dominance over Jerusalem.  What began on Palm Sunday as a hopeful deliverance by a long-awaited hero, would end on Friday with the Man Himself being nailed up naked and shamed in a public execution.  Most of the crowd never truly knew what their life had cost and never understood the sacrifice made by Jesus on their behalf.

Join us this Sunday as we begin Holy Week and may we keep Following Through Friday.

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·        Just Jesus:  Check out Pastor Travis’ new devotional series, Just Jesus.  The series aims to unpack some of Jesus’ most famous teaching associated with His Sermon on the Mount recorded in Matthew 5-7.

·        Holy Week Services:  Both Maundy Thursday and Good Friday Services will be held in person and Livestreamed on Facebook from our Stones Crossing Campus.  Both services will begin promptly at 7pm. 

·        Trafalgar Day of Service:  Spring is upon us!  As the flowers begin to bloom we want to remember those in our community who may need assistance preparing for their outdoor seasonal chores.  Join us Saturday, April 17th as our Trafalgar Campus spends the morning out in the community working together to bless others.  Please be in prayer about how you can be available to serve this day.   We plan on working on 2-3 houses from 8:30am-1pm.  We will meet at the church at 8:30am.  Sign up in the Trafalgar church Narthex!

·        Community Prayer Meetings:  “To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.” – Martin Luther  The Trafalgar Sanctuary is open to the public nearly every Friday morning at 9:30am. Join our small group as we pray for our church, our community, our world, and seek the direction God is leading our ministry.