Trafalgar Update – 5/20/2021

Relationship over Religion

There are few people on this earth that I feel completely myself around and know where I stand.  In fact, I’ve known many people who seem to walk through life keeping others at a reasonable distance and keeping relationships that don’t require much maintenance.  They may have friends or acquaintances that they interact with, but when it comes down to really knowing them, or standing with them… they’d rather not get too involved.  Because really knowing someone requires trust and vulnerability, and wholeheartedly trusting others to stand with you when life starts to heat-up requires a level of faith and intimacy that is sadly too rare in our day. 

While I hope I could always find friends who would stand with me for better or for worse, the truth is I don’t always know what others would do if I found myself in a tight spot.  Would they love me, stand with me, protect and support me?  Or would they consider the personal risk involved and choose to support me from a distance?

This Sunday I’ll be preaching on Daniel 3 on the biblical classic: Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego and The Fiery Furnace.  One aspect of this story that has really inspired me this week is the confidence of these three faithful exiles.  Not that they were confident in themselves, but to the degree in which they completely trusted God to be with them and do what He saw fit in their situation… even if it meant them burning to death.  When I think about their level of trust, intimacy, and security in God I am jealous.   Because for them to know and trust beyond a doubt that God was completely present with them required a faith and confidence beyond most relationships I have ever known. 

While many of us may be guilty of keeping God at a distance, let us consider today that He does no such thing with us.  He is there; He is here… whatever we are going through, He is in fire right beside us.  Join us this Sunday at 10:30am for Facing the Flames.

  • Grilling in the Park:  This summer our Trafalgar Campus will be hosting four lunches at Liberty Park from 12-1pm immediately following our Sunday worship services.  On June 13th, 27th, and July 11th and 25th, we will be inviting/joining our local community for lunch and fellowship.  We are planning on grilling hamburgers and hotdogs free of charge and asking you for your presence,  various side donations, and radical hospitality.  There will be a sign-up sheet in the Narthex beginning this Sunday with various needs and roles.  PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS OUTREACH!
  • Spring Cleaning Day #1:  This Saturday (5/22) several of us will be meeting at the Trafalgar Campus at 9am to start preparing our facility for the season.  We will be spreading new mulch around the building and in the playground, planting some new shrubs, and pulling the old Community Garden sign.   If you would like to participate in this endeavor, please let Phil Brewer know or just show up at 9am with work gloves, shovels, garden rakes, and/or pitchforks.  Water will be provided 😊.
  • Mask Update:  Beginning June 6th, our Trafalgar Campus will no longer be mandating the wearing of facemasks during our Sunday services.  You may wear one if you wish, but we will begin following the CDC guidelines that states masks are no longer necessary for those who have been vaccinated. Most importantly we want to be gentle and welcoming to all. We will continue to have hand sanitizer at the doors and masks are available for anyone who requests one.
  • Indians Game:  Who’s ready for an Indianapolis Indians’ baseball game? The Mt. Auburn family will be attending the Indians’ game on Tuesday, July 13 at beautiful Victory Field against the Omaha Storm Chasers. First pitch will be at 7:05 p.m. Group seating will be alongside third base of left field. Tickets are $10 a person and will be sold in before service on June 13, 20 & 27. We are asking that you pay by check or have exact cash.  Handicap seating is available, just let us know when purchasing tickets.
  • Community Prayer Meetings:  “To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.” – Martin Luther  The Trafalgar Sanctuary is open to the public nearly every Friday morning at 9:30am. Join our small group as we pray for our church, our community, our world, and seek the direction God is leading our ministry.