Weekly Devotions

Join Our Staff for Weekly Devotions

We want to give you a way to grow spiritually throughout the week, not just Sunday! That's why we offer virtual weekly devotions for you and your family.

Pastor Jeff & Julie

You can join the pastor of our Stones Crossing Campus, Jeff Buck, and his wife Julie every morning (except Sunday) on his personal Facebook page as they go through Romans. Pastor Jeff also posts morning prayers to help guide you spiritually before you start your day.

Just Jesus

Travis Taylor, our Trafalgar Campus pastor, is unpacking popular questions on who Jesus is and how He has called you to live. You can find his weekly devotional on Mt. Auburn's Facebook page or on our YouTube page.

Don Cline

You can join our Outreach pastor, Don Cline, on his personal Facebook page for daily devotions. He is currently going through 1 Corinthians.